Enhanced Line Following

In the line-following competition, the robots are tasked with completing the track marked with a black line on the field as quickly as possible. There are obstacles on the track.

  • There is a maximum of 5 members per team;
  • The aim of the competition is to complete the track as quickly as possible;
  • The line width is 15 mm.
  • The maximum robot size is 30 x 30 x 30 cm and the maximum weight is 3kg.
  • The track includes bends, 90° corners, intersections, line breaks, swings, hills, line extensions or constrictions, and track junctions;
  • Robots must be able to drive autonomously.

Competition fee

  • Until September 24th, the registration fee is 50€ + VAT per team.
  • From 24th September to 27th October, the registration fee is 100€ + VAT per team.

Contact: info@robotex.ee or fill the form below:

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