Robot League 2024

Robotex International will be taking place on the 6-7th of December in Tallinn.

The theme for the Robot League competition this year is “How do I get to the moon?”

The Robot League competition is a gateway for preschool and elementary school students to
step into the ever evolving world of robotics. Unlike the other competitions at Robotex, at Robot
League, speed and power are not the determining factors for victory. In fact, there are no
podium positions at all! Instead, we celebrate every competitor’s participation as a victory on
their journey in the world of science, where we value teamwork, creativity and the programming
of an educational robot. This year, the Robot League competition gives the students a chance to
present their vision of going to the Moon! In addition to preschool students, elementary school
students and enthusiasts, we welcome families to take part in the competition. All 3-5 member
teams composed of up to 12-year old children can make a team.

Registration is open until 17.11.2024. In case of questions, write to

The price for participating is 10€ + VAT.
Registration will open in June at

For Inspiration

“How do I get to the Moon?”

Mia and Marten had finished their dinner and ran back into the living room to play. After a while,
their mother stood at the foot of the door, seemingly cross.

“What is this? We had a deal! After dinner, you must wash your dishes!”
Mia and Marten were startled and stopped playing for a moment.

“Why do we have to? We have a dishwasher you know!” asked Mia.

“I told you, the dishwasher is in repair and we have to manually clean the dishes. It’s like you
don’t listen to me at all!” grunted mom.

“But why don’t we just wait until the machine gets fixed and then it’ll wash the dishes for us?”
proposed Martin as a brilliant solution.
“It’s not about that.” says mother. “It’s about the fact that you learn to do things after yourself.
Marten washes and Mia dries!”

Mom looked at the kids expectantly.

The kids stood silently for a moment. They had just gotten really into playing together. Mia
frowned to the point that she looked like she was about to cry. She also frowned knowing that it
would make mom be a little less strict towards them. “Crying usually helps me get my way.”
thought Mia.

“Ugh, You might as well ask for the moon!” said mother in an angry manner and stomped off to
the kitchen. Mia and Marten looked at each other and did not know what to do. They tried to
play again, but it was just not the same anymore. They both heard how mom was washing
dishes in their stead in the kitchen. Neither of them dared to take a peek.

Marten took out his books and went behind his desk to study.
“What are You doing? Are we done playing?” asked Mia.
“No, I just want to do my homework. That usually helps mom feel better. I can show her that I
did all my homework on time.” answered Marten.
“You agree, that she looked quite angry?” asked Mia.
“She did.” agreed Marten.

While Marten started studying, Mia went to the window and looked at the sky. There, she saw a
big round full moon. Mia looked at the moon and fell into a deep thought.

“Why did mom tell us to ask for the moon?” asked Mia eventually.
“What?” asked Marten in a confused manner.
“How do You even get to the moon?” Mia kept asking.
“Well, I think it was more of a joke. It’s just an expression, you know – ‘ask for the moon’.”
Marten tried to calm Mia.

The moon did not give poor Mia’s thoughts any rest. In addition to the moon, Robit was behind
the window washing the glass panes. Mia opened the door and pulled Robit inside.
“Robit, how do I get to the moon?”
“Well, you need a rocket, which has to filled with air you bring from Earth.” answered Robit while
trying to sneak back outside to finish his tasks.
“Rocket? Well where do I get one? And how do I bring air?” Mia was confused.
Robit had already slipped back outside and was washing windows again. The reflection of the
moon was shining all so invitingly on the clean windows to Mia.
“Well let’s start from the easier tasks, then work our way toward the rocket.” thought Mia.

Mia searched her drawers and pulled out the biggest plastic bag she could find and snuck
outside without mom noticing.

Mom finished washing the dishes and went to the living room to watch TV.
Suddenly, the front door opened and Mia ran inside, plastic bag in hand. She ran straight to the
living room.
“Mom, look! I am almost ready to go to the moon! I have the air, all I need now is just a rocket”
stated Mia in a very excited tone, expecting a commendation for her good work.

Mom was amazed with Mia and her big plastic bag of air that had a neat knot on the top.

“What do you mean you’re almost ready to go to the moon?” asked mom.
“Well You did say that we should ask for the moon, so I thought I’d go ask for it!” answered Mia.
Mom immediately started laughing, having understood the whole situation.

She hugged Mia tightly and laughed even more. Upon hearing laughter, Marten stuck his head
out of his room and quickly shuffled towards her, seeing as mom had lightened up a little. Mom
hugged both kids.

“Well, since we have a bag full of air ready, I think the broken dishwasher in the kitchen will also
work as a rocket – otherwise it’s worthless. So let’s get going then!”

The kids were shocked at mom at first, but then understood the joke and started laughing. The
promised mom, that tomorrow (or the day after) they will definitely wash their dishes. Well, if
they haven’t reached the moon by then that is.


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