Robot League 2023

Robotex International 2023 is supported by the Tallinn European Green Capital 2023 initative. The initiative has set the following goals for the city of Tallinn: to bring the city closer to the people, to include more people, companies and non-profits in their planning and to support environmentally friendly initiatives. The European Green Capital has also been the source of inspiration for this year’s Robot League theme – “My car free city”.

The Robot League competition is a springboard for kindergarten and primary school children into the developing world of robotics. Unlike other Robotex competitions, the Robolight competition is not about speed and power, and does not determine the 1st-3rd place winners. Instead, we celebrate the arrival of all competitors at Robotex as an exciting learning journey and value teamwork, creativity and educational robot programming skills. This year, the Robot League competition will give children the chance to talk about their “Car free city”.

In addition to kindergartens, schools and hobby groups, we also welcome all families to participate in the Roboliiga competition categories. Teams of 3 to 5 children up to the age of 12 can register.

Registration is open until 31.10.2023. For further questions please contact:

The participation fee is 10+VAT.
Registration takes place at:


Contact: or fill the form below:

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