TalTech Folkrace

The aim of the competition is to emulate the exhilarating nature of rallycross. Up to five robots are allowed on the track at a time, competing against each other in speed and skill.

  • The robot must be autonomous;
  • The aim of the race is to complete as many laps as possible in the correct direction. Each lap in the right direction scores 1 point;
  • The maximum dimensions of the robot are 15x20cm. The maximum weight of the robot is 1kg;
  • The competition will be held in two age categories. In the first category, competitors up to 15 y.o. (15 y.o. included) and in the second age group 16 y.o. and older;
  • On the field there will be a green and red band (width 10 cm) to identify the correct direction;
  • The width of the track varies between 100 and 120 cm;
  • The course has a number of obstacles, such as hills, holes, loose material, obstructing walls or poles and uneven surfaces.

Competition fee

  • Until September 24th, the registration fee is 50€ + VAT per team.
  • From 24th September to 27th October, the registration fee is 100€ + VAT per team.

Contact: info@robotex.ee or fill the form below:

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