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XPRIZE designs and operates large-scale global incentive competitions to crowdsource solutions to the world's grand challenges. We believe that solutions can come from anyone, anywhere. Scientists, engineers, academics, entrepreneurs and other innovators with new ideas from all
over the world are invited to form teams and compete to win, resulting in breakthroughs that
no one thought possible.

Our first XPRIZE, the $10 million Ansari XPRIZE, spurred the commercial spaceflight industry. Since then, we have launched over $140 million in prize purses, including the $5 million IBM Watson A.I. XPRIZE, and the $10 million ANA Avatar XPRIZE.

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Stoneridge is a leading supplier to the automotive, truck, bus and off-road markets. Our products range from telematic systems, driver information systems, and tachographs through electronic control modules and power distribution centers to multiplex systems, cockpit switch modules and aftermarket products. We are proud to supply products and systems to the majority of the most well-known Vehicle producers like Volvo, Scania, Daimler, MAN, Ford. We are well established in Europe and being a part of the Stoneridge Group enables us to work with customers worldwide. Stoneridge Inc. has about 4600 employees worldwide and has a turnover of approximately 700 million USD.


Invie is the fusion of two platform of home care services who were implanted since, fifteen year. It is a third sector organization promoting professional best practice awareness and information sharing among stakeholders in the support and personal care and services sector in order to develop, structure and modernize the environment.

* To train care professionals
* To structure, modernize home care services
* To across from tears between professionals fields: health, home care services, home
automation and robotics
* To make our digital society more inclusive, sustainable and which humanity prevails


Milrem AS is engaged in the development of robotic solutions and autonomous systems, the provision of unmanned vehicles, and engineering services in the field of mechatronics. Milrem`s most famous product is the THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle, which performs various roles in both military and commercial applications.

Lecktor Technologies OÜ

Lecktor Technologies OÜ 3D printing company, aspiring to become the leading 3D printing hardware and software makers and providers in Baltics and Europe. Currently, we’re building a first truly Estonian 3D printer. We also provide all sorts of hardware, electronics and filament for 3D printers and CNC machines, as well as on-demand 3D printing services on site.
We focus on the highest available quality of materials and exceptional customer service, while keeping prices below the market average.

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Modash is a platform that magically connects brands with influencers. This allows marketers to sleep better at night knowing their influencer relationships are scalable, data driven and mega effective. Curious how a Canadian, an Estonian and a Chinese guy are trying to change the course of influencer marketing?


Proekspert helps to build world-changing solutions by combining data science and product development expertise with design thinking approach. For 25 years Proekspert has been the one behind the curtain for some of Europe and Scandinavia’s top products and services. When we shake hands on something, we get it done. We deliver. No nonsense.


DIFI.NET OÜ company is specialized in supplying education equipment for schools, technical colleges universities since 2005. Mainly in our scope digital laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology, technology. According to STEM curriculum DIFI.NET sale educational equipment to show links between science and technology. For example, human eye model, it is subject of biology (anatomy) and optics from physics. Robotic arm with 3D printing options it is electronics, robotics and technology at once. DIFI.NET offers products from PASCO SCIENTIFIC, National instruments, Edibon, Ufactory, RAFA Solutions. DIFI.NET also provides trainings for teachers. DIFI.NET is abbreviation “network for diffusion of educational innovations“.

Proud Engineers

Proud Engineers helps governments and large corporations solve complicated challenges and build an inspiring digital future.

If it’s digital, Estonian and inspiring, chances are it was dreamed up by someone on our team. Led by Taavi Kotka, engineer and Estonia’s first Chief Information Officer, Proud Engineers has gathered the people who have shaped the Estonian digital transformation.

At Proud Engineers we bring our passion and everything we know with results that inspire.


Taxify is the leading European ride-hailing platform, connecting millions of passengers and drivers around the world to make travel easier, quicker and more reliable. Taxify’s efficient and tech-enabled business model benefits both drivers who have to pay a smaller commission as well as passengers who end up paying less for their ride.

Founded by Markus Villig, Taxify launched in 2013. It’s one of the fastest-growing ride-hailing platform in Europe and Africa with investors including Daimler, Didi Chuxing, Korelya Capital and TransferWise co-founder Taavet Hinrikus.

Taxify has more than 10 million users in more than 25 countries globally.

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Riina O x Helen Leigh

Riina O x Helen Leigh – Robot Unicorn with Glove


Growing your team and dealing with employee turnover is no joke. Did you know that replacing a senior level developer can cost you up to 400% of their annual salary? Expact will accelerate your hiring with a global talent pool, standardized prescreening and automated matchmaking. Together we can grow your team and reduce hiring mistakes. High-quality matching is based on skills, previous experience, expectations, values, and work culture.

Sign up and get matched with front-end, back-end, iOS, android, embedded, cybersecurity, and data science specialists.

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