Free walking Tour in the Old Town (start at 18:00, ca 2 hours)

Robotex International

The guests will be led by local guide through the medieval gates into the narrow streets of the old town. During the tour we will speak about the Hanseatic League and Tallinn’s position in overseas trade; the 14th/15th century fortification wall, 2/3 of which is still intact; Gothic style dwellings of the Hanseatic merchants; Guild houses; the Dominican Monastery dating back to 1246; the Pharmacy, first mentioned in written documents in 1422; Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches; and the world famous Tallinn Town Hall, one of the best preserved Gothic Town Halls in the whole of Northern Europe. It will be winter, and the temperature will probably be below zero centigrade, so warm clothes will be required.

Minimum group size 10 persons

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