VEX IQ Estonian National Challenge 2018-2019 ´Next Level´, which is open to teams Elementary School Teams (Team Members age of 8-12 years old) and Middle Schools Teams (13-14 years old). The winner team that receive the Excellence Award (one of the Elementary School Teams and one of the Middle School Teams) is allowed to participate VEX Worlds 2019 in Kentucky on 28-30 April 2019. (Every team member should be under 14 yesr old at the time of VEX Worlds). In addition to Robotex International 2018 registration, every team must be registered to (fee is 150€ for the first team and 100€ for the next teams of the same school) and (and obviously also at Robotex18 web page). There is not any fees to pay to Roboedu for participating the Challenge.

VEX IQ Friendship Challenge 2018 ´Next Level´, which is open to everybody. On this year there is not any age limit, so student could come even with a parent.


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