Makeblock MakeX Starter – Blue Planet

Looking back on the Earth from the space, our home is being covered by more and more deserts and polluted seawater – we are getting much farther away from the blue planet. Competitors are responsible for designing robots to improve the pollution discharged by the mankind through the following ways, so that the Earth will be the “Blue Planet”: garbage sorting and remove floating pollutants in water; dismantle old chimneys and thermal power stations; monitor the quality of air and groundwater, so that the mankind can pay attention to the surrounding environment.

For Individual tasks at Robotex International 2018 we will have: garbage sorting, dismantle thermal power station, dispose construction waste, turn off power switch and monitor groundwater data. The last individual task will only be for junior high school students.

Alliance tasks will be clean water and plant the desert.

Cost per team & robot: €50+VAT*


Head of competitions

Priit Norak

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