In LEGO WeDo competition, a demonstration of static and moving models takes place. The model may contain different robotic components, but must be programmed and contain moving parts or move on a self-designed competition area.

The LEGO WeDo competition is a springboard into the engaging world of robotics for kindergarten and elementary school children. Unlike other Robotex competitions, speed and force are not determining factors in the LEGO WeDo competition and 1st -3rd place will not be awarded. Instead, LEGO WeDo competition celebrates the journey of all the competitors as a fun learning experience, while also valuing teamwork, creativity, and the skills of programming an educational robot.  This year theLEGO WeDo competition will offer children an opportunity to become entrepreneurs and create their first company to solve a real-life problem and profit from the solution. In addition to kindergartens, schools, and after-school programs, we also invite families to take part in these competitions. Registration is open for teams that consist of 3-5 children of age 12 or younger.

Competition entries will be submitted on the topic Our First Start-up.

Cost per team & robot: €0*


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Kadri Naanu

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