CyberSecurity meets Robotex

Cybersecurity meets Robotex is aimed for beginner and intermediate young cybersecurity fans from 7 th to 12 th grade (13-18 years).

The two-hour competition is held in CTF (Capture the Flag) style in which every team has to solve different exercises such as stenography, crypto puzzles, red and blue teaming (meaning defenders and attackers) exercises.

To participate in CyberSecurity meets Robotex competition, 52 Estonian schools held a preliminary competition called “CyberNut School Round”. Only the best two girls and two boys from each school will be participating at CyberSecurity meets Robotex competition.

All Robotex participants are welcome to watch and take part at the audience game. All audience members can test themselves during the competition by solving tasks similar to competitors. Best solvers will receive prizes. No registration needed. Just come by.

Registration to this competition has ended.

Competition supporters are Ministry of Defence, TalTech University, Estonian Internet Foundation, Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre, Kehtna Vocational Education Centre, Forwardspace, WebARX, Zone Media, Estonian
Atlantic Treaty Association, Startup Estonia, Telia Estonia and others.

In 2019, we will hold an open registration and everybody is welcome to participate.

Contests coordinator

Mirell Merirand

Call us directly

+372 5336 5713

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