The Robotex robotics festival, which will take place on 5-7 November this year, has put it’s tickets on sale. Three days will be full of exciting competitions, exciting robotics workshops and, as usual, a technology EXPO.

At this year Robotex you can see an exhibition of autonomous machines, where you will be able to see vehicles and machines with different functionalities developed and produced in Estonia and abroad.

“The development of autonomous machines has taken a revolutionary leap in recent years. Therefore, we decided to bring together different devices and machines and show them all to our audience. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see robotic vehicles before then Robotex is the perfect time to do so,” says Siim Hovintalo, Robotex organiser.

This year’s competitions include sumo competitions for different age groups, Comodule line following, Folkrace, and new competitions includes the Aviation Academy drone obstacle race and a Girls’ Firefighting competition specially designed for girls.

Registration for the competitions is open for participants until 24 October. 

All of this year’s competitions can be found on the Robotex International website and registration is open at

Buy your tickets at Piletilevi.

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