Due to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak all over the world including Estonia, the Government of the Republic declared a state of emergency on March 12.

The aim of the state of emergency is to prevent the virus from spreading, saving yourself, your loved ones and people with a weak immune system, such as the elderly and people with chronic illness. The Government decided to ban public gatherings, imposed border sanitary controls, closed cultural institutions and schools have been moved to distance learning.

Unless decided otherwise by the Government of the Republic, the state of emergency shall remain in effect until May 1.

Due to the emergency situation, work of team Robotex will not cease. We sincerely hope and work for it to ensure that Robotex International can still take place in November 2020. Given the current situation, all Robotex franchise events have been postponed and are likely to take place in the second half of the year.

We advise everyone to behave responsibly and follow the guidelines issued by our state power in order to prevent the virus from spreading and to restore the normal functioning of our economies as soon as possible.

Be responsible and stay healthy!

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